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A Week of the Happy Healthy You: FitSugar Roundup

Want to get active? Then check out Get Active America to see if a gym near you is participating in open houses next weekend.

Now that it is the weekend, why not try the Sun Salutation. The video will take you through the moves, and your body will feel great after a few repetitions.

I want to know which celebrity diet you identify with the most.

Do you know the importance of interval training and why you should be doing it once a week.

Is it true or false SPF 30 has twice as much sun protection as SPF 15? Take the quiz.

Consumer Reports rated 8 popular diet plans and 7 diet books. The findings are interesting, if not predictable.

Looking for an at home workout you can do in 10 minutes?

I am curious if you go to a chiropractor?

For all you mothers out there - get or give the gift of sleep this Mother's Day.

Looking for a Farmers' Market near you? Here's a great site that lists markets by city and state.

I want to hear what you have to say: Are celebs "fit" to sell clothes?


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