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A Week In Review: FitSugar Roundup

Seven days can go by so quickly. Yes, it was just last Sunday when the Colts beat the Bears in a veritable animal kingdom upset (a herbivore taking down an omnivore - how rare!??!!).

Here's a few highlights of the past week:

There is a new 4 minute Love Handle workout for you to try. We think you will like it so much, we made a printable version for you to take to the gym. Try it, what have you got to lose. It is Sunday and not much else is going on. Well at least not at my house.

Speaking of having a little time on your hands...why not pamper yourself with items found in your pantry with a homemade sugar scrub. If you wouldn't want to eat it, why put it on your skin?

Thin people have secrets too. Here are a few tips from the slim and healthy, according to Real Simple magazine.

Another reason to love Drew Barrymore...she can't eat whatever she wants. Can you relate?

I still want to know how you feel about the return of the unitard.

If you eat at Chipotle, you might want to know what you're in for, calorically speaking.

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