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Getting prepared for Winter weather, be it rain or snow, is a chore few of us look forward to. I know I don't. There really is nothing appealing about cleaning the gutters, is there? As a means of self motivation, I decided to explore these tasks on a functional fitness level. Yeah, thinking that way actually motivates me. Here are some alternative ways to view all those Fall chores for prepping your house and yard for the Winter months:

  • Cleaning the gutters: My personal favorite, cleaning the gutters requires ladder climbing and walking on a pitched roof. These activities will challenge your sense of balance as well as your core.
  • Removing A/C window units: If you haven't already stored your window unit air conditioner, this is the weekend to do it. Not only will this work your arms as your carry the heavy A/C unit to its Winter resting place, but you get to practice your excellent safe lifting technique. Remember to keep your back neutral and lift with your legs. Thank goodness you do squats regularly, right?

Three more functional Fall chores, so


  • Raking leaves: Save your lawn and plantings by raking fallen leaves. This can actually be a moderate aerobic activity depending on how aggressively you rake. Once again, you can certainly put your squatting technique to use as you bag all those leaves.
  • Clearing out garage: It is time to make room in your garage for your cars to avoid having to scrape upcoming snow and ice from your windshield. While making space in your garage, you might just notice your bike. I give you permission to take time off from your weekend chores to go for one last bike ride. Enjoy.
  • Plant bulbs: It is time to get your tulip bulbs planted before the frozen ground prevents you from digging. This is good upper body work, and if you work your spade quickly enough it can be aerobic, just like kranking (spin class for your arms).

Which of these activities will you be doing this weekend? Commiserate with me in the comments section below.


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