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Weekend Reading: The Four Day Win

Sometimes it is hard to see turning your life around in terms of forever, because forever just seems like a long, long time to be going to the gym every three days. Well, what if you approached looking at your fitness or health goals in just four days?

Dr. Martha Beck, recognized lifestyle coach, believes that the first four days on starting any lifestyle change are the hardest four days. After four days, it should start to feel normal. In The Four Day Win ($17.13), Beck reveals her thoughts on why willpower-based dieting is doomed to fail as well as how to step out of the conflict between the rule-making commander (who bans all our favorite foods) and the rule-breaking resistor (who gives in to cravings) and reach the watcher (who is our happiest self). The book also details the latest research into the mind-body connection revealing how our emotions affect our eating.

My favorite part of this book is that there is no end-all-be-all (fall off the wagon and you're doomed) approach that we so commonly see in fad diets and fitness programs these days. It is very comforting to know that if you have a relapse, or as I like to call it a bad day, you're only 4 days from turning it back around. Buy it now from

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muchacha muchacha 10 years
this looks like a really great book, i'll make sure to keep an eye out for it the next time i'm book shopping. Thanks!
Casimira Casimira 10 years
I read either an excerpt of this book or an essay by Martha Beck on the same topic in the January O magazine. It was so good. I really identified with the "controller" and the "wild child" and the "watcher" aspects of my personality in all areas of my life, not just dieting, and find myself trying to "watch" and nurture the controller and the wild child frequently. I will definitely be buying this book.
suzanne suzanne 10 years
Sold! I thought this was worth a shot when i read "Sometimes all you really need is an attitude change to turn things around!"
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