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Healthy Recipes
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Weekend Reading: Thin for Life

You guys were interested in the secrets of thin people, I figured that I'd let you know about a book you may find interesting.

The book, Thin for Life gives a refreshing insight on how to lose weight by looking at real people who have done it successfully! To write the book, Anne Fletcher the author and dietitian, surveyed 160 people who succeeded in losing at least 20 pounds and keeping the weight off for at least 3 years (though some lost far more weight and kept it off longer).

The book tells about their success stories, strategies, motivation, inspiration and tricks of the trade. Most, like many of us, had tried everything to lose weight before discovering what worked for them. From her findings based on their stories, Fletcher compiled the 10 keys to success. She lets the people who've lost weight speak for themselves throughout the book but she also fills us in additional information to make it possible to apply to your life. This book is a great read if you like learning by example, rather than numbers and science, which (in my opinion) makes it more motivating than confusing. By addressing such critical issues as boosting self-efficacy, taking responsibility, positive self-talk, problem solving, exercise motivation and finding a personal right way to lose weight, you'll feel empowered rather than baffled.

You can buy the book from for $10.65. If you're really into it, you may as well get the sister book Eating Thin for Life ($10.20) which is the recipe secrets book.

vrico2005 vrico2005 10 years
I agree krisua, it's amazing how much money there is to be made in telling us the same things over and over again! You'd think we'd learn to just get off the couch...
krisua krisua 10 years
It is funny how we all know the "secrets" of weight lose as well as keeping it and yet.. We slip :) Also, the books, DVD's, CDs and "new advices" on the subject in the market just keep blooming on :D
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