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Weekend Watching: How to Cook Your Life

The soulful combination of Zen Buddhism and the art of cooking has been captured on film in the new documentary How to Cook Your Life by Doris Dörrie. She follows Zen chef Edward Espe Brown as he creates fabulous food trying to live by the Zen precepts. He can be impatient and is filmed cursing an unruly bottle of olive oil. So heartening to know that the master chefs have issues too—I love that he laughs a lot, and often at himself.

Brown, author of Tassajara Bread Book, was told by his mentor, "When you wash the rice, wash the rice, when you cut the carrots, cut the carrots, when you stir the soup, stir the soup." Mindful cooking can probably feel a lot like meditation. I can fully get behind the movie's message "eat local, eat well, eat slow," because the mindful shopping and cooking should always be followed by mindful eating.

Unfortunately, this film will probably not be released nationwide. To check out where and when this movie is opening and screening, just

San Francisco

NYC, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Denver

San Diego, Minneapolis

Boston, Washington, D.C.

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aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
This is...interesting but a little odd.
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