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The weekend for me is a relaxing time to spend with my family, doing little special things we don't usually have time for during our busy week. This weekend, now that the sun is shining, I'm going to harness the power to make something special - I'm making Sun Tea.

We all know the health benefits of tea, so here is an easy way to brew a simple cup of tea.

What you'll need:

  • a glass pitcher or jar
  • lid, plastic wrap or paper towel to cover the pitcher
  • water
  • tea bags herbal, black or green (my favorite one to use is made by Tazo called Passion)
  • a safe sunny spot where the pitcher wont' be knocked over
  • ice cubes
  • slices of lemon wedges (these are optional, but so good in iced tea)

Want to know what to do? Then

  1. Fill the glass pitcher with water.
  2. Place 5-6 tea bags in the water and cover the opening to keep bugs and pollen out.
  3. Place the pitcher in a sunny spot, so the tea can steep in the warmth of the sun for a few hours. Keep an eye on your tea - you may need to relocate it since the sun moves during the day.
  4. Once your tea gets pretty dark, pour it in a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a slice of lemon and enjoy a delicious glass of iced sun tea.

Fit's Tips: When making herbal sun tea, I like throwing in a mix of flavors, so I add peppermint or lemon to my Passion tea. I encourage you to experiment with different tea blends and create a variety - one to suit every mood.

If you are looking for a real sun tea jar, check this one out:

This 100 oz Sun Tea Jar called the "Verona" is made out of 100% recycled glass, and has a glass lid and handy brass twist spigot so you can easily pour your tea. It measures 13" high and 6" wide at the base. You can get one from Prettywood Tea for $39.95. It's great for lemonade too.

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