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Weekend Well-Being: Use Earth Hour to Chill Out

The World Wildlife Fund is concerned about climate change, and to make a statement about human energy consumption they have created Earth Hour. To join them in their statement they ask that you turn off your lights for an hour Saturday, March 29. They invite "everyone throughout North America and around the world to turn off the lights for an hour starting at 8 p.m. (your own local time) – whether at home or at work, with friends and family or solo, in a big city or a small town."

Why not go one step further and turn off all electronics and just chill out for an hour. No TV. No computer. No cell phone. Just some candles and some conversation. See what it's like to just unplug for an entire hour. After 60 minutes of chilling out you might not need a disco nap before you head out for your wild Saturday night.

Are you planning on participating? Tell me in the comment section below.


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