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Weigh In: My Boyfriend's Sabotaging My Healthy Habits

Weigh In: My Boyfriend's Sabotaging My Healthy Habits

This FitSugar reader could use some advice on how to deal with her boyfriend.

Dear Fit,
I've always been committed to a healthy lifestyle, cooking with low-fat healthy ingredients, and making it a point to hit the gym four times a week. I always felt in shape and happy with my body, but, recently this all changed. I moved in with my boyfriend before the holidays, and he doesn't share my health or fitness goals at all. He rarely goes to the gym and eats whatever he wants, and while I knew this before we moved in, I didn't know how much his unhealthy habits would affect me. When I want to head to the gym after work, he sucks me in with compliments about my body and tells me I don't need to worry about working out because I look great already. At first I fell for all the flattery, but now it's getting old. On top of that, he loves to eat out or order in, and eats total junk food. It's always in the house, so I'm eating it non-stop, too. I was totally resolved to stick to my healthy routine before we moved in, but the reality is that it's not so easy. Every time we discuss it, he says he'll be more supportive, but when the time comes for me to workout, he's always trying to get me to stay and hang out. Even when we shop together, he influences all of my food purchases. I don't know what to do. I love him, but my health is important too. I don't want to break up or move out. How can I make this work?
Gotta Get Back on Track

Can you help a fellow FitSugar reader out? Share your advice below.

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