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Weight-Loss Journey Instagram

Jess Posted These Photos of Her Belly to Make You Rethink Your "Flaws"

Guess what? You can be on a journey to a healthier, thinner, stronger you and still be body positive along the way. That's the message from Jess, known as plankingforpizza on Instagram. She captions the above photos, "My Insta body vs my Insta body. Both real. Both me. Both worthy. Both valued. Both enough. Allow yourself grace and permission to be ok with where you are, and still love yourself for it."

Jess reminds us to stop focusing on what we have to lose, like "tummy rolls, cellulite, weight, etc.," and to focus on all the important things we have to gain, like "acceptance, appreciation, belief in yourself, confidence, and self love!"

We totally needed that reminder. We can be so hard on ourselves and focused on our goals that we forget to celebrate how far we've come, and more importantly to be OK with where we are and what we look like along our journey.

Jess also posted the below photo and wrote, "Instead of focusing on what you don't like or still want to change, or pick apart the 'flaws' society convinces you have, will you instead focus on what you LOVE? How radical, vulnerable, courageous, and self empowering is that?? "

Jess says that when she saw the above photo of herself, she saw "Happiness. Confidence. Softness. Acceptance. Resilience. Strength. Contentment." She proudly wrote, "I didn't for once think about the things I still wish to change! Don't forget to remind yourself how great you're doing. You're a f*cking goddess, so go on and allow yourself to, glow girl, just GLOW."

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