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Weight Loss Program Cost Comparison

How Much One Month of Weight Loss Costs

Carrie Fisher recently lost 50 pounds on Jenny Craig, and Jennifer Hudson dropped from a size 16 to a six with the help of Weight Watchers. They are living proof that these programs actually work, but just how much will they cost you per month?

Program Sign-Up Fee Monthly Fee Food and Other Costs
Jenny Craig $20 for 20 pounds (10-week limit) About $5 a meal (for three meals a day it costs $420 a month)
NutriSystem Basic four-week plan that includes three meals a day and a dessert: $233.28
Slim-Fast Each day costs $1.50 for three snack bars, $3.60 for two shakes, and one 500-calorie balanced meal that you provide ($143 a month plus the cost of food for 28 meals)
Weight Watchers $29.95 $17.95 Weekly meetings cost between $12 and $15 a week ($48 to $60 a month), plus the price of food you provide for one month (about $300 to $500)

If you follow the plan to a T, you'll drop one to two pounds per week. If money is an issue and you have a big number to lose, it's tempting to go with the cheapest program. But the bottom line is to choose a plan that works for you and gives you the knowledge you'll need to keep the weight off once you hit your goal.

Have you ever tried one of these weight loss programs? If so, would you recommend it to a friend?

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