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Weight Loss Tips From the A&E Show Heavy

4 Weight Loss Lessons Learned From A&E's Heavy

Here are four weight loss lessons that OnSugar blogger Coach Lark Says learned from the A&E series, Heavy.

What I like about the A&E show Heavy compared to The Biggest Loser is that it demonstrates clearly how challenging it is to achieve lasting weight loss. Under a 100-percent controlled diet and with full-time trainers for five to six hours a day on a strenuous exercise program, these people are losing one to two pounds a day.

Then, after a month, they go home to see if they can keep losing weight. They get a trainer at home and the council of a nutritionist. Frequently, they gain weight back during the period when they have to integrate the program back into their daily lives.


It’s a struggle, but all the episodes I’ve seen, ended with weight loss of 90-150 pounds after six months.

The take home message:

  1. Find ways to bring accountability into your diet. Know how many calories you are consuming roughly and add them up each day. A food journal for a month or two can be very educational.
  2. Know that a 300 lb. person exercising intensely for five to six hours a day can subsist healthily on 1,200-2,000 calories a day. When you eat this lightly, you only feel like you are starving. Your body will actually love it.
  3. Work out hard to stoke your metabolism. By building strong muscles you get tons of energy, look great, and burn more calories — allowing you to consume more without weight gain.
  4. No one’s body is perfect. We are all a bunch of beautiful weirdos. So get comfortable with your body and show it some love! It’s the only body you’ve got, after all. Might as well accept it.

Want to see more? Start following Coach Lark Says or start your own OnSugar blog. We'd love to post your inspiring stories and helpful advice here on FitSugar too!

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