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Weight Loss Tips in Social Situations

How to Lose Weight and Still Hang With Your Skinny Friends

You've made the commitment to lose weight, but every time you see your nondieting friends, it's easy to succumb to peer pressure and stray from your healthy path. Here are some ways you can lose weight and still hang with them.

  • Don't order or eat what they do: People who aren't on a diet tend to splurge when they go out to eat. So just because they're going crazy ordering appetizers, creamy soups, and enormously high-calorie entrées doesn't mean you should too. Remember your tricks for saving calories when eating out, and order foods you know will keep you on track.
  • Don't eat when they eat: You're out shopping with friends and one of them suggests hitting up the ice cream parlor for a postlunch treat. If you're stuffed from the big meal you had, then you know you don't need the extra calories. Always listen to your own body and eat on your schedule, not on anyone else's.
  • Keep healthy snacks stashed: Sometimes it's tough not to nosh on something when surrounded by other people snacking. To avoid eating a high-calorie treat you know you'll regret, keep nonperishable snacks like these in your purse.
  • Don't get caught up in the excitement: When hanging with your gal pals, you're always celebrating something or just plain having fun, making it easier to go for another round of drinks or to say yes to the dessert menu. Remember that you can still hang out with your friends without overindulging. Focus on the satisfying conversation, not the food.
  • Confide in them: Honesty really is the best policy, so when hanging out with people who aren't watching what they eat, let them know that you are. That way they're sure to be more sensitive about encouraging you to eat healthy instead of pushing you to try bites of their fettucine aflredo or to share a bottle of wine.
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