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Weight-Loss Tips When You Live With Family or Roommates

How to Drop Pounds When You Don't Live Alone

Living on your own often makes having the discipline to eat a healthy diet and exercise much easier since roommates or a family can present interesting challenges to your weight-loss goals. Surrounded by high-calorie foods your roomie loves or saddled with household responsibilities that prevent workouts are all obstacles in the path of healthy living. If you share your home with others, here are tips to help navigate the relationship.

Do the grocery shopping: Being in charge of all the food shopping puts you in control of what foods make it into your fridge and pantry, because even when armed with a detailed list, your housemate might just pick up a pint of ice cream that tests your willpower beyond control.

Take charge of the cooking: If you're doing all the meal prep, you know that each plate is healthy, balanced, and doesn't contain hidden calories (my hubby is notorious for adding pats of butter to everything). Being in charge of the cooking also means ordering less (unhealthy) takeout. This doesn't mean you need to cook alone — get the house together to make meals. Have your hubby or your housemate work as your prep cook.


Continue reading for more weight-loss tips for those who don't live alone.

Don't make separate meals: It's so much easier to eat healthier when those around you are eating healthy too. If you make a salad for you but decadent macaroni and cheese for your family, it's impossible not to scoop some out for yourself. Avoid any temptation by preparing the same healthy meals for everyone. If someone craves something not so healthy, find ways to make healthier versions. Here are some recipes for healthy versions of your favorite comfort foods.

Set up a house calendar: To ensure you fit regular workouts into your busy schedule, list your workouts on the calendar just like you would other important appointments, so your roommates and family know when you're unavailable. If you find it hard to break away from the people you live with, schedule your workouts early in the morning before anyone else is awake.

Find healthy ways to splurge: One key to successful weight loss is not denying yourself the decadent foods you crave. That doesn't mean you should go polish off half a cheesecake. Find healthier ways to enjoy the foods you and those you're living with desire so no one feels deprived. Make sweet-potato fries when you're craving french fries, bake up some low-cal kale chips when you're in the mood for potato chips, and whip together a nutty chocolate strawberry banana smoothie when all you want is chocolate ice cream.

Be honest: Tell everyone in your house about your goals so they can support your needs. Your roomie might want to get in on the action and start keeping a food journal too or join you in your workouts.

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