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Weight-Loss Transformation Using 80/20

This Is the Popular Diet That Helped Lucy Transform Her Body (and Maintain It)

Lucy Yates's weight-loss journey was filled with a few ups and downs. In 2014, she wasn't much concerned with her health, partying a lot and enjoying pizza and beer. Then two years later, she started to become more aware of her diet, but maybe a little too much.

The only balance in my life was making sure drunk Lucy left enough dominoes pizza for hungover Lucy to eat.

Lucy shares in her Instagram caption, "looking back I realise how obsessed with being 'healthy' I was, that it was no longer actually healthy."

Fast forward to 2017, and Lucy says proudly, "I've finally found a way to fit being healthy into the rest of my life." The key to her success is training hard at the gym as well as eating 80/20, which means eating healthy most of the time, but allowing some indulging here and there (hooray for mashed potatoes!). Lucy's advice for those on their own weight-loss journey is, "If you want it to be sustainable, there needs to be balance."

Eating well and working out weren't the only factors in her transformation. "I've had to spend a lot of time exposing, understanding & working on my thought processes; questioning the way I think about myself, how I define beauty, the words I speak over myself, the inner voices telling me I'm too fat or not pretty enough."

Many of us can relate to those inner voices telling us that if we haven't reached our ultimate weight-loss or body goals , that we're not good enough. But Lucy says, "How you speak to yourself is a habit you have to both break and create . . . How you actively choose to view & treat yourself will allow you to enjoy being you and enjoy the process of seeing physical changes, rather than relying on them for your happiness or to feel confident 💛"

So make speaking kindly to yourself part of your journey, and it'll be that much more successful.

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