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katred00 katred00 4 years
I get very itchy when I run, to the point that I have to stop and have been in tears. I'm a very active person, so I know it's not due to inactivity of the muscles. I was checked out by a dermatologist and he diagnosed me with exercise induced urticaria. Basically, like the article said, my body opens up capillaries and releases what my brain perceives as histamine, so I itch. It is below the skin tho, so scratching does not help. Thankfully, if I take a Zyrtec or other antihistamine an hour or two before I run it doesn't happen.
dee7364 dee7364 5 years
I have just bought Target your fat spots by Max TomlinsonND - a nutritionalist? He says that over-exercising can make you fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He explains how hormones affect fat on the stomach, bingo wings and thighs. I got a lot from it and am on one of his plans - will update if I lose the planned big thighs!.
littlekaren littlekaren 6 years
You didn't mention a common affliction for me... lightheadedness and accompanying muffled hearing. Very annoying, and it makes it difficult to talk normally to others as well (because my own voice sounds so weird in my head). I never actually pass out though, thankfully. It doesn't even require working out really hard to make this come on sometimes. I hate it.
Shellykoman Shellykoman 6 years
When I go on long runs, I always have mucus in my throat that is hard to clear. I try to cough deeply to clear it, but it usually doesn't work. I end up pushing my fingers on my neck/throat, while coughing to help clear the mucus. It sounds terrible and is a little embarrassing. I don't have allergies and it even happens on a treadmill. It typically occurs after about 5-6 miles.
Anna-Monette-Roberts Anna-Monette-Roberts 6 years
That's a great and informative post, Jenny! Good to know that these are such common occurrences.
Pursy Pursy 6 years
If I work out at night I sometimes get itchy legs in my sleep. For that reason, it's wiser for me to exercise before 8 pm.
mandysneaks mandysneaks 6 years
I get the itchy thighs a LOT. It's very distracting, but usually I can eventually ignore it. No idea how to prevent it.
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