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With two young daughters, I really hate reading about eating disorders in the news. In a recent study, I learned a surprising statistic about eating disorders. The risk of developing one is higher among girls whose mothers, fathers, and grandparents are highly educated. A study of more than 13,000 girls in Sweden found that as a family's education increased, so did the risk for being hospitalized for anorexia or other eating disorders. The risk also increased as the girls' high school grades climbed. You would think that with more education, there would be more discussion about eating disorders, but researchers think it has to do with the strong pressures to be both smart and good looking.

There are so many pressures in high school, and it seems that everyone knows at least one classmate who dealt with a eating disorder and in some cases many more. This reminds of last week's episode of Glee, when Rachel Berry attempts to make herself vomit after the brutal choreographer tells her to lose weight. Fortunately for viewers, both impressionable and squeamish, she wasn't successful.

I'm curious to know what it was like in your high school . . .

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