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Wet Hair When Running in Hot Weather

Stay Cool on the Run: Hydrate Your Head

Strong sun and heat can make outdoor runs more challenging, and a big concern is the risk of heat exhaustion. To stay cool while running on a hot day, make sure to hydrate your head. Sound silly? Keep reading for this fail-proof tip.

Before heading outside, head to the bathroom and soak your hair by sticking your head under the faucet. Squeeze out some of the excess water, but leave it pretty wet, and then wrap your hair into a bun. If you have supershort hair, soak your head and a bandana, and wrap the wet cloth around your head. As you run, the cool breeze on your wet head will not only feel refreshing, but it will also help prevent overheating. On really hot days, carry a water bottle and periodically pour some water on top of your head to rewet your hair.

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fitnesslady22 fitnesslady22 5 years
I used to do this when I was skating in the heat. Wearing a helmet is killer.\u00a0
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