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Go Shopping With Alicia Silverstone

On yesterday's Oprah Show, actress Alicia Silverstone took cameras grocery shopping with her. I have to say that I was surprised at how many processed foods Alicia picked out. Although I know a lot of vegans who rely on synthetic meat and processed foods as the backbone of their diet, I expected Alicia to be different.

In her book, The Kind Diet, the actress really touts the benefits of grains, vegetables, and fruits over convenience food. Because of that, I'm thinking this list might not be reflective of Alicia's normal dietary habits, but her way of showing a mass audience that you can still eat well and indulge if you're vegan.

While shopping, Alicia raved about brown rice ("If you add whole grain rice to your diet, it will change you") and leafy greens ("They're loaded with calcium and make your skin glow"). She also couldn't wait to bite into a mint-flavored ice cream alternative, a Rice Dream mud pie. Alicia said that the mud pies still make her feel "naughty" in the same way that ice cream can.


To check out some of the other items on her list,


  1. Follow Your Heart cheese
  2. Vegenaise
  3. Organic olive oil
  4. Maple syrup (an alternative to sugar)
  5. Gardein Chick'n Scallopini
  6. Newman O's

Check out the rest of Alicia's list at The Oprah Show.

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yu1 yu1 7 years
I love alicia, I've ordered her book from amazon and I cannot wait to read it. I really wanna adapt a vegan lifestyle, it's extremely difficult adapting one in the culture I live in, but I really want to take the next step. :)
shannonriver shannonriver 7 years
Thanks for making those great points re: processed foods, Anonymous! FWIW, I'm a vegan who eats mostly whole foods, but every few months I'll fix a grilled cheese or veggie burger. Just because I'm vegan doesn't mean I don't want to indulge on occasion!
laellavita laellavita 7 years
every so often, i have processed food -- it'd be really difficult not to, i mean, even bread is technically a processed food!! -- but i agree, the point wasn't to be totally against processed food and then subsist on fruits, vegetables, and seeds, but to just make healthier choices overall. i'm a vegetarian (i eat dairy and eggs, though) and i try to eat as clean as possible, but even my morning bowl of high-fiber cereal is about as processed as it gets for me. besides, if you don't allow yourself some wiggle room, it becomes difficult to go out for dinner, or to have an indulgence every once in a while.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I didn't see the whole show, but I caught part of it. I think Alicia was trying to get across to people that you don't HAVE to give up everything when you become a vegan, but I think she was trying to stress that the majority of your vegan diet should be whole, unprocessed foods. Still, even though I eat a mostly vegetarian diet (I do eat fish, eggs, and some dairy), I wouldn't eat some of those weird vegan frankenfoods either. Sometimes it's better to just avoid the real thing and not even go there when it comes to imitating it.
darc5204 darc5204 7 years
I haven't seen any shortage of processed "health" foods discussed and promoted on this website either. It's part of reality that most people won't make every meal and snack from scratch.
KateLynn2011 KateLynn2011 7 years
Chloe Bella I agree. Silverstone's book is all about natural whole foods, which is the way all people (not just Vegans) should eat. As a vegan, when my friends ask about my diet I'm more inclined to talk about the yummy vegan enchiladas I heated-up than the homemade lentil soup I made. It just sounds more appealing to the masses. Dana18 have you seen the documentary Food Inc.? It's all about the lies/secrets factory farmers don't want the public to know.
Dana18 Dana18 7 years
The most important thing about the show was Michael Pollan discussing Factory Farming. An issue most American do not know about. I have Alica book and it really change the way I eat. and after reading eating animals by Jonathan Safran Foer I am a vegan.
ruby-soho ruby-soho 7 years
lilxmissxmolly- Oprah was talking about drinking milk if it came from a happy cow. I agree though, I think she missed the point of vegan-ism.
lilxmissxmolly lilxmissxmolly 7 years
P.S.: aysem03 - obviously you didn't read the whole thing. not only did the list feature kale, brown rice, olive oil, and maple syrup, but it was not to show what she ate - it was to show people that they could transition without giving up taste.
lilxmissxmolly lilxmissxmolly 7 years
I'm a vegan, and I thought it was crazy when Oprah asked Alicia if she would eat a cow if it were "really happy". Um, what?
runswimmerrun runswimmerrun 7 years
I get that eating processed foods is easy and "realistic." However, I wouldn't touch most of the things on that list. If I don't have time, or care to prepare something, I typically end up eating whole fruits and veggies with peanut butter, nuts, or yogurt (I'm vegetarian, not vegan). Shocked and a little grossed out at the list.
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
Alicia actually stresses in her book that processed foods (like meat substitutes, even tofu) should be a special treat and that the vast majority of your diet should be whole foods. My take on it is that Oprah didn't want the point of yesterday's episode to be about promoting veganism, so it didn't really get into the main concepts behind Alicia's book. I think Alicia's point (which came across in the book, not so much on Oprah) is that there are foods people can buy when they're easing into veganism/vegetarianism that can help them transition from the standard American diet, but they're by no means supposed to be a large part of your diet. I was also surprised that this idea didn't come across more clearly, but who knows how much of the interview Oprah's producers edited out.
J-Rabbit J-Rabbit 7 years
I checked out her book from the library and, I have to say, it's been a really good influence on my eating habits. I just finished eating some sweet potato and lentil soup I made using one of the recipes. So good!
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 7 years
I'm actually really happy to hear that she does choose some processed foods. I think it is a very realistic approach -- sometimes in real life you just want to grab something and heat it, and not select, clean, chop, prepare, etc.
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