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What Am I Doing Wrong in Barre Class?

4 Mistakes You're Making in Barre Class

Barre classes can be one of the most effective ways to tone trouble zones, as long as you're doing the exercises correctly. There are four common mistakes that can prevent clients from reaching their goals and becoming stronger. Read on to make sure you're not making them!

  1. You forget to tuck: Many of the moves in a barre class rely on the art of tucking. If your mind is elsewhere or you are simply letting it go, you won't get nearly half the results that you could from these tiny movements. Check yourself: to find your maximum tuck, place your hand on the small of your back to start and flatten your back into your palm.
  2. You don't breathe: Inhaling and exhaling will help you move through exercises, not to mention send oxygen to your muscles. You need that breath for a couple of reasons. One, it will loosen up the tension in your body; when your body is stiff, you can't possibly get into proper form — so breathe into the tension. Two, it will make you more productive in class. Your muscles will work better and your mind will regain its focus.
  3. You choose the wrong weights: Barre classes are all about tiny, but effective, movements called isometrics. In order to keep control and commit to these micro moves for your arms, use the appropriate amount of weight. Choosing weights that are too heavy means sacrificing the work by relying on momentum to do the work rather than your muscles. Most of these movements will make your arms burn with or without weights so opt for a lighter set that will let you complete more reps with better form.
  4. You watch others: To get the most out of a group class, you need to motivate yourself. It's easy to give up or come out of positions because you see someone across the room do it, but remember your personal goals. You're dedicating one hour to do something great for your body. Keep the end goal in mind for that entire 60 minutes and try not to get distracted. If you can't help but pay attention to your environment: focus on the strongest person in class. See how hard they are pushing themselves and strive to be on that same level.
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