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Speak Up: Share the Best Health Advice You've Ever Received?

In college, I let the freedom of being able to stay up late and eat jellybeans for dinner get the best of me. Late-night pizza outings, the all-you-can-eat meals at the dining hall, and the frozen yogurt machine did not do my body good. The most exercise I got was from walking to the soda machine, and I ended up gaining way more than the usual freshman 15.

By the time I graduated, I did not like how I felt or how my clothes fit, and was determined to lose the weight I had gained. That's when I started going to Ashtanga yoga classes three times a week. I was becoming stronger, but not really losing weight. While complaining to a good friend, she said, "In order to lose weight, you need to up your cardio." That was the best advice ever. I started a regular running routine, and slowly but surely, the pounds began to melt off. I'm forever grateful for that friend's advice because now I'm at a much healthier weight, my heart and muscles feel strong, and I'm confident about my body. So tell me, what's the best health or fitness advice you've ever received?

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