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What's the Deal with the Bodyblade

What's the Deal with the Bodyblade

Always on the lookout for new fitness gadgets, the Bodyblade has grabbed my attention.

The Bodyblade ($50-$160) is a tool that claims to use up to 270 muscle contractions per minute, and doesn't bulk you up. Basically you just take the long blade, shake it by pushing and pulling front to back or side to side, and then try to match the movement of the blade as it oscillates back and forth. And you only need 60 seconds with this blade for a workout — red flag! Sure, I could see this blade working your core if you're standing on a Bosu trying to shake it, but then we're just getting into a lot of moving parts for a workout that you could get without all the tricks.

I did actually use something like this back when I had to do a little physical therapy; it was fun. While the gadget did seem to help me strengthen my shoulder, I can not say I'll be bringing a Bodyblade to the gym anytime in the near future. Along with PT benefits, the blade can be a helpful tool for training for golf, tennis, or even surfing, just not for everyday weight loss. It's a bit bulky and I would be afraid that I would take someone or something out as I tried to get the blade moving. I was also turned off that I could not find any caloric calculations on the site in terms of how much one can expect to burn by using the device.

I'm not saying you shouldn't try it, but I'll be sticking to my classic workout. Has anyone already tried the Bodyblade? Share the details in the comments section below.


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beashley beashley 8 years
I have been using the bodyblade for 2 years now and I absolutely love it. I used to be an all star cheerleader back in high school and partially college and since i have been using the Classic blade i love the way it makes my body feel. I get all the necessary workout i need from this single blade, also i dont have to spend a fortune for a gym membership when all i have to do is pick out a workout routine that fits the part of my body that i want to focus on and go for it. For a great workout 5 minutes is what it takes me and afterward i feel GREAT!!!!! For those who try to bash this product and make it seem ridiculous, you might want to try and grasp the concept of it before putting it down. Some ppl dont understand simple until they pull a hamstring at the dogon gym then they have to resort to products such as this one here. No everything may not work for everyone but to each his own...but for me this is one of the best workout products that i have used within my workout regimen ever. It definitely tightens and tones the right places!
em113 em113 9 years
i use it with my physical therapist and was thinking of buying one to use at home (for physical therapy as well).
Jexxer Jexxer 9 years
I have a pair of two. They don't work unless you really try your best. I mean like really working them for a long time. It's not going to necessarily work your whole core, but it will help strengthen your forearms and shoulders.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 9 years
That looks like a gimmick that I'd only see on tv at 2 a.m. ...
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