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What's the Deal with The Cardio Free Diet?

What's the Deal with The Cardio Free Diet?

Anyone watching Good Morning America the other day may have seen the piece they did on The Cardio Free Diet ($13.80). Anyone who knows anything about exercise was probably just as stunned as I was.

The basic principal of the Cardio Free Diet is that cardio is a waste of time and it ruins your diet by making you hungry all of the time, so you shouldn't do it and should focus on weight training instead. I can see where Jim Karas, the author, was going with this book but it truly does not make sense in terms of real life application. Sure, lean muscle burns more calories at rest, but the overall benefits of cardio are plainly stated and researched across the world -- Cutting cardio out would be cutting you (and possibly your life) short. Don't even get me started on his recommended daily caloric intake of only 1200 calories. With or without cardio, I personally would be starving on only 1200 calories per day.

As always, I am having a hard time understanding why we all just can't grasp the fact that it is best all around to do cardio and resistance training along with eating right. Books like this may sound good and I am sure they appeal to those who truly hate cardio, but in my opinion, it's a love-hate relationship you need to learn.

Still interested, then buy the book from

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