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What's the Deal With: Deep Water Running

What's the Deal With: Deep Water Running

Injured? Looking for a new way to get it up, your heart rate that is? Then you should check out deep water running. It is an excellent variation on taking your running to an entirely new level – under water!

There are two great things about deep water running. One, it is a great way to stay in shape if you are injured or avoiding injury, since there is no impact since you never touch the bottom of the pool. So if you are recovering from shin splints, stress fractures or plantar fasciitis, this is a great way to run. I would consult your physician or physical therapist before starting a deep water running program.

The second, deep water running is the best way to cross train for running since you are running. You still work all the muscles and muscle patterns you would be working if you were running on land, with the added benefit of resistance from water. It is more like running under really strange and adverse conditions than cross training by swimming.

The only gear you need, besides a deep pool, is some type of buoyancy belt, like the one pictured above by Aqua Jogger for $49.95. Hand weights and shoes are optional.

If this concept seems at once familiar and bizarre and you feel you need a video visual, you should watch this video at Beginner Triathlete.


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