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What's the Deal with: The Fluidity Bar

What's the Deal with: The Fluidity Bar

Have you always wanted the body of a dancer, but you're no prima-ballerina?

The Fluidity Method ($199.80) works the whole body. When you stand up and use your own body weight for resistance, you engage all of your muscles to work together. The thinking behind the Fluidity Method is that you develop strength, proportion and flexibility from head to toe, creating a longer and leaner look.

The bar is stable, like a wall-mounted bar even though it is a fold-down unit, it also adjusts to your hip height and level of flexibility. Don't want your dinner guests to see it? The bar folds down to 4" high and rolls into a closet or under a bed. My friend, who is a dancer, loves this method but it is a familiar territory to her.

The bar, as you might have guessed, is not available in stores as this is an "as seen on tv" product, but one that I think, if done properly may actually help you sculpt your body. You'll probably still want to add some cardio into your routine, as well as other strength training elements so you don't get bored. As always, eat healthy -- There is never a magic bullet. Get it on

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