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What's the Deal With Hypnotherapy?

What's the Deal With Hypnotherapy?

Let's face it: It's not easy to lose weight, or quit smoking, or get your stress under control. But if you've ever struggled with any of these health concerns, you know that the best solution is simply the one that works for you! So, why not give hypnotherapy a try?

We've heard that Lily Allen used it for weight loss, and I know several other people who have lost weight through hypnosis. Though it may sound a little new age-y, the method really makes a lot of sense, since it gets to the root of your self-control.

When used for health-related matters like dieting and smoking cessation, hypnosis is usually referred to as suggestion therapy. The therapist uses guided relaxation to put the subject into a sort of trance wherein she is susceptible to suggestion. Far from mind control, the trancelike state simply makes you more responsive to ideas — like the fact that you can live without cigarettes or a second piece of pie— that you might normally reject. To hear more about it,


When you are in a hypnotized state, you will likely feel comfortable and relaxed but not really awake, almost as if you are dreaming. The hypnotherapist then makes suggestions in line with your treatment. If you are trying to lose weight, she might tell you that you should always stop eating when you are full. If you are trying to kick the smoking habit, the therapist could suggest that you think cigarettes taste yucky.

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat addiction, as well as anxiety, phobias, insomnia, and depression. The technique is often used in tandem with standard psychotherapy or, in the case of smoking, along with other cessation programs. Regardless of whether you're using it to lose weight or tackle another problem, make sure you're working with a licensed professional.

Have you tried hypnotherapy, or do you know anyone who has? If so, tell me about it below.


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