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What's the Deal with Lipo-dissolve

What's the Deal with Lipo-dissolve

I first heard of lipo-dissolve when rumors started flying about a certain starlet that had undergone the treatment. It sounded a little like sci-fi, but I was curious and if a celeb was doing it then it certainly sounded legit. After a little bit of research it seems that lipo-dissolve isn't exactly on the up and up.

Lipo-dissolve is marketed as a permanent, nonsurgical fat-removal technique. The procedure consists of multiple (140 - 160) injections into fatty tissue that take about 20 minutes. What is being injected? A soybean derivative solution called phosphatidylcholine, and that mouthful of an ingredient is combined with the emulsifier sodium deoxycholate. The compound has been shortened and has a cute nickame - PCDC.

PCDC is marketed as a natural compound, but the FDA disagrees. They believe it is a drug. A drug that has never been approved for use as a fat-removal injection. Critics of this fat removal technique also point out that no long term studies have been conducted to see if PCDC is safe and effective. One has to wonder what PCDC is doing while it is breaking down the fat. Creators of lipo-dissolve claim it is harmless and the excess is released through the urine, but before it makes it there it must be absorbed into the blood and pass through either the kidneys or the liver. Your body has to filter it.

Clearly more studies need to be done, but until then it seems there are many people willing to be guinea pigs for the procedure.


katertot katertot 10 years
I did see the media links on there. I thought they were very helpful and kind of speed up the process of "doing your homework" and being an informed consumer. However, I still think it is important for consumers to research this on their own. A good study to note is in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. You can view the abstract here: It is important to know that this is not only being studied, but people are having great results with it.
mjohnson mjohnson 10 years
Thanks for the info. I agree, the MSNBC piece very informative. That's kind of why I found the website useful in that it helped to point me directly to the current news (like the MSNBC article) and other issues regarding the lipo-dissolve procedure. And all the sources seem more credible than others I have come across. (i.e. the FDA, MHRA-UK Health Board, U.S. & World Report…etc.) Did you check out the media links and such on that site?
katertot katertot 10 years
I've seen the lipotreatmentfacts website before. I suppose it provides some interesting information, however, what's the source of this website? Who or what is this information from? I have a hard time trusting a site that provides literally all negative information about a topic or issue without disclosing any information about the source of the information or who is posting it? I have worked at fig. for about 18 months now. Sure there has been some controversial information for the patient audience. However, we rely on trusted, highly-trained and expert physicians to deliver the highest care to patients and provide the most advanced, up-to-date research and information. I would trust getting the information from a medical professional rather than an anonymous website. The LipoTherapy Institute has some great information ( Also just came out with a very researched, balanced story about lipodissolve, too. Check it out:
mjohnson mjohnson 10 years
Check out this website I came across. It points to some really interesting information about lipo-dissolve from sources like the washington post & wall street journal and even comments from the FDA themselves about the procedure.
magita magita 10 years amazes me how many people will try anything to lose weight. Anything that causes your fat cells to dissolve can't be that healthy. Just the fact that the people making it are trying to market it as a natural product in order to circumvent the FDA when it clearly is not should be a red flag for anyone. Sadly though, vanity trumps sanity in many cases.
pixelhaze pixelhaze 10 years
Yeah I have a friend who had mesotherapy. Like most people have mentioned, it's not a weight loss procedure, it's for light spot reduction - the one thing that is not possible with diet and exercise. She says it worked really well for her. I never saw her before she did it, so I can't vouch. I know those treatments are very popular among the girls down here nowadays, along with the fat burn massages.
facin8me facin8me 10 years
How does the sodium deoxycholate specifically target fat cells? It would lyse any cells it contacted...and that can't be good.
SWD SWD 10 years
That is way cool! Sign me and my thighs up!
northcarolinag2 northcarolinag2 10 years
I've had fantastic results with something similar called mesotherapy I'm at the low end of my ideal weight but I still had saddlebags Now they are so much smaller and I couldn't be happier I'm moving out of the area and can't continue with the treatments but there is a lipodissolve place near where I'm going to live I'll definitely be going there By the way I've dieted and exercised trying to get rid of these areas of fat for almost 13yrs
katertot katertot 10 years
The CBS Early Show just did a story about lipodissolve the other day. check out the story here: Quite a few people responded on there who have had great results with lipodissolve. In my experience with lipodissolve, I know it is not meant to be a replacement of good diet and exercise, but instead to just get rid of small areas of fat. Lipodissolve patients aren't being guinea pigs if they are educated about this treatment and a trusted, certified medical professional is giving them the treatment. Those qualifications are key. And speaking of studies, the Lipo Therapy Institute has a good comparison of different types of fat-reduction options, as well as some studies that go along with them.
gumdrops334 gumdrops334 10 years
this is that "fig" thing, with the obnoxious commercial. anyone else see it? with that girl who skips around weirdly? It doesn't make you look a lot of weight, just stubborn belly fat, or arm jiggles. go to, and it has before and after pictures. some of them are not even that big of a difference at all. its about as effective as liposuction, meaning well...not so effective
Pinkgirl88 Pinkgirl88 10 years
I've been currious about this stuff- thanks for the break down fit.. I would rather just workout and eat right then inject somthing that i am not sure of.
JBlondie JBlondie 10 years
Yikes, this is kind of scary. I had heard about this before but never really researched it. Thanks Fit!
jhuck jhuck 10 years
Before anything you inject is put on the market it should be determined if it is considered a drug or not. It's kind of shocking to know that they can just put this out there by claiming that it's natural.
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