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What's the Deal With: STRAPLESS Heart Rate Monitors

What's the Deal With: STRAPLESS Heart Rate Monitors

In case you're not familiar with heart rate monitors, they usually come with a watch you wear on your wrist, and a chest strap transmitter that you wear around your chest, since it is after all a chest strap. This strap goes next to your skin (sometimes you have to wet it a little with saliva or water to activate it) and it reads your heart rate and transmits the beats per minute to the watch.

Heart rate monitors can be expensive, depending on how many bells and whistles you get, but these strappy heart rate monitors will give you a constant readout of your heart rate, whether you're moving or not.

Then there are STRAPLESS heart rate monitors, like this one from Reebok called the Fitwatch 10S Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch. Don't be fooled! These sound innovative and amazing, but here's the deal. They don't give you a continuous readout. You see those two little grey buttons above and below the screen? You have to stop moving and stand still, press down on those buttons, and after 2-10 seconds, it'll tell you what your heart rate is.

These may not be good for people who have low resting heart rates, irregular heartbeats, or poor circulation in your fingertips.

You may be okay with having to stop every time to check your heart rate just so you don't have to deal with that annoying and constricting chest strap (that can slide down your torso when you get sweaty). If that's the case, this Reebok model got some great reviews. It's easy to use, gives you just as accurate a reading as strappy heart rate monitors, looks more sleek and feminine than other bulky watches, and is only $63.07 through Amazon.

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I need to get one of these.
lintacious lintacious 10 years
wow i was just looking at this yesterday. id much rather push two buttons than deal with a chest strap. plus i dont want anything bulky. but if i were to get a sport watch, i'd one with a gps built in like the garmins :)
mizlynz mizlynz 10 years
My advice to everyone would be to just deal with the strap. It's worth it to get a continuous reading, and the strapless monitors AREN'T THAT CHEAP! Polar offers a BASIC model of their HR monitor for less than what this Reebok one costs, and while it doesn't have a lot of features, it does the job. I'll stick w/Polar and their strap transmitters.
mboots29 mboots29 10 years
Thanks for the post. Although I hate the chest strap, I guess it is a necessary evil in reaching my target!
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
those look interesting - good price too!
serval serval 10 years
nah, not for me!
Camarogirl67 Camarogirl67 10 years
Phew thanks! I almost bid on one on eBay.
sierraballet22 sierraballet22 10 years
I am a faithful user of my chest strap version Polar heart rate. I've never had any problem with it sliding down (keep it snug, combined with your sports bra/top), and it gives me a continuous, accurate heart rate reading. In my opinion, this is just a marketing scheme for another gadget.
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