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What's the Deal With Wearable Weights?

What's the Deal With Wearable Weights?

The magic pill to weight loss is a mirage in my opinion, but companies continue to design products to help you burn more calories and drop pounds. As if the seven shady weight loss products I recently posted about weren't enough, I just discovered Body Togs Wearable Weights.

At first I thought they were for strength training exercises instead of dumbbells or resistance bands. Since you didn't have to hold them, they seemed like a cool idea. But taking a closer look, these aren't meant for the gym — they're meant to be worn all day long to help boost the amount of calories you burn and tone your muscles while doing day-to-day activities. Tiny weights are evenly distributed around each sleeve, adding about one to three pounds to each limb, depending on the size you choose. You're supposed to wear these arm and calve sleeves under your clothes. I guess if it's hot that day, you just wear them to match your favorite dress. Aside from looking completely idiotic, they're very pricey ($55 to $59 a pair), and also a health risk. To find out why


Performing strength training exercises that are specifically designed to target certain muscles are excellent for your body. When you use correct form, and the appropriate amount of weight, there is little risk of injury. On the other hand, carrying around extra weight on your arms and legs while going about your day may burn extra calories, but it will also increase your risk for a torn muscle or injury to your joint. Just like walking with dumbbells or ankle weight is a big no-no, you don't want to do regular activities while carrying weights because it puts too much stress on your body.

If you want to burn extra calories during your day, fit in an extra 30 minutes of cardio. If toning your muscles is your goal, it's more effective to use dumbbells, resistance bands, or weight machines and do actual exercises that are meant for strengthening your muscles. Setting aside time to exercise will not only produce better results, but it's a great way to relieve stress and give you the much-deserved break we all need during the day.

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