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What to Do After You Binge Eat

How to Handle Yourself After a Big Weekend Binge

If you're feeling a little bluesy after a wild weekend, no need to lay the guilt on heavy. However, it is time to look forward to a week that's healthy and back on track with your routine. Not sure where to kick things off? Here are some healthy tips to handle yourself both physically and emotionally after a big weekend binge.

  • Recognize how you're feeling: Take stock of your feelings, and look at what might have made you slip. Maybe it was just a big weekend that you were planning for, but if you're beating yourself up, you've got to look at the root of what was going on: Were you binging out of boredom? Super stressed at work last week? Getting honest with your feelings attached to food can help you cut down on stress eating.
  • Skip the scale: If you were busy chowing down all weekend, I'll save you the heartache. Chances are your weight is going to be a little inflated. But the number you see is not showing an increase in body fat over a two-day period. After a bad binge, water retention is often brought on by the excess of salt you enjoyed all weekend long. Checking out the scale is only going to make you get in your head, and what you need to focus on is moving forward.
  • Load up on healthy foods: Fiber-rich fruits and veggies will help get your body back on track and feeling good! Make a point to say goodbye to sodium-laden foods, and welcome debloating foods to your plate like quinoa, papaya, and yogurt.

Keep reading for three more tips to recover after a big weekend binge.

  • Stick to your normal workout routine: You may be tempted to overcompensate for your weekend binge with lots of extra physical activity, but all you need to do is stick to your standard plan. Planning too much extra exercise in your busy week could leave you feeling stressed out or dealing with an injury that will put you out of workout commission for an extended period of time.
  • Don't skip meals: Messing even more with your metabolism is a recipe for disaster. Cutting out lots of calories is putting you on a path to yo-yo dieting — and we know how that story goes. Focus on enjoying healthy, good-for-you foods, and eat regularly to supply your body with all the fuel it needs.
  • Stop with the guilt: Like I said before, everyone needs to indulge now and again. There's absolutely no reason to beat yourself up over whatever went down over the weekend. The only thing we can change is the present, so taking the healthy steps to get you back on track right now is the best thing you can do for your body. The extra stress will only hinder your mission.

Do you have a history of bad weekend binging? Any tips for those who are struggling? Share your experience below!

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