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What Do Dietitians Eat?

This Dietitian Never Counts Calories — and This Is What She Eats in a Day

Dietitians give the best advice on how to eat to reach our goals, whether it's to lose weight, gain muscle, or prevent belly bloat. But do you ever wonder what they eat?

Leanne Ward, a sports dietitian known as the_fitness_dietitian on Instagram, shared this photo food journal to give you a glimpse into the daily menu of a dietitian. She captioned the above photo with this description:

"Meal 1: Red velvet protein pancakes (recipe on my website). I actually didn't finish the whole stack! It was too much so I only ate about 2.5 waffles 😂 I also added natural Greek yoghurt to them 👌🏼 + cup peppermint tea


Meal 2: Banana, medium soy Capp bought at work & a few mixed nuts (not pictured)

Meal 3: Wholemeal wrap filled with tuna, cheese & salad - I used sweet chilli sauce too 😎 + cup green tea

Meal 4: Pre gym snack 2 hours before gym sess - Grain toast with almond butter & another soy Capp (I was so tired today & needed extra caffeine to get me through a big legs day!)

Meal 5: Post gym - Smoked salmon fillets, quinoa, olives, cheese, blueberries & salad + cup herbal tea

Meal 6: after dinner - 1/2 mango & a few pieces dark chocolate (not pictured) 🍫🍫"

That's one good-looking day of food! One thing that may shock you about her diet is that she doesn't count calories. Leanne says, "I have a rough idea of how many calories my body requires and a good understanding of macros that I just eat until my body is satisfied roughly within my macro requirements." She aims to eat foods with "as much colour as possible and a good balance of low GI carbs, protein, and healthy fats from mostly whole food sources."

Leanne says, "If I had to estimate I'd say I probably consume roughly 2000-2200 cals a day (I'm 6ft tall & train 5 days a week 💪🏼)." On non-training days, Leanne eats slightly less, reduces her carb intake slightly, and increases her fat intake slightly to keep her a bit fuller on days off.

Leanne makes it clear that "eating healthy doesn't mean starving and depriving yourself! In fact, starving yourself may even lead to binging later on. You can still eat well and be fully satisfied!" It's great to see she's eating a full day of food to fuel her workouts, and to make her feel happy, strong, and energized.

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