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Mistakes You're Making in Fitness Class

Those fitness classes at your gym are great for many reasons — they challenge and motivate you, especially when you don't want to work out by yourself. But to get the most out your fitness class, make sure you avoid these mistakes.

You don't watch your form: Go ahead, check yourself out. Many fitness classes are held in rooms with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, which are a great way to ensure that you're following along with the instructor correctly. Stake a spot where you have a clear front or side view of your body while you work out so you can ensure that you're doing the moves correctly.

You're not consistent: It's good to change up your routine regularly so you don't get bored, but if you want to see results from your fitness class, then it's all about consistency. Many class instructors slowly raise the difficulty for their regular students as the weeks go on, ensuring that your body won't plateau and that you're building your strength and endurance. Once you've found a class that you love, make it a regular part of your whole workout routine.


You don't push yourself: Fitness classes are a good choice when you need someone to push you but don't want to hire a personal trainer, but you've still got to make sure that you're maximizing your time in class. Just because no one is there counting every one of your reps personally doesn't mean you can stop when you feel like it; make sure you push yourself by doing the moves for the entire recommended period or going for the heavier weights, as long as you are able to do each exercise correctly to avoid injury.

You hide in the back: You don't have set up your station front and center, but taking too much of an effort to hide behind everyone can lead to difficulty seeing or hearing what your instructor is saying. If you're feeling shy about being in the front row of a new class, then be strategic about the spot you choose, and remember that everyone is there to learn, not to judge!

Do you take classes at your gym?

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mkathleen78 mkathleen78 4 years
I like to be in the front when attending the gym class. Not only I can see myself in the mirror, but I can motivate myself by motivating others to keep pushing.
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