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What Do I Need For an Emergency Kit?

Health-Related Essentials For Your Emergency Kit

The sad outcome of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan hit close to home for many around the world. It also may have reminded you that the need for an emergency plan and kit for your family is essential.

But there's much more to consider than the three days of food and water supply you need to keep on hand. While it may not be pleasant to think about, making a kit helps ensure you are best prepared for the unexpected. So what are you waiting for? Check out the list of essential medication and health-related items you need to have in your emergency kit after the break.

  • Prescription medication. You should keep a week's worth of any regular prescriptions you need in your emergency kit. Make sure they don't expire by routinely rotating them out with fresh medication.
  • Old prescription glasses. Once you get a new pair, toss your old glasses into your kit, along with a supply of contact lenses if you need them. This goes for any other medical supplies you need now on a daily basis (such as extra syringes or hearing aids).
  • Health information. Make a list of all medication you need to take, along with any other pertinent health information. You should also make a copy of your health insurance (along with other important records like your passports, birth certificates, deeds, and more) so you have easy access to these when needed after the disaster.
  • First-aid kit. You may need gloves, bandages, over-the-counter medication, and much more to care for someone. Build your own first-aid kit using these guidelines or buy a ready-made kit with all the essential supplies.
  • Personal hygiene supplies. Sanitizer, towelettes, feminine supplies, and toilet paper aren't luxuries; they'll help you stay as clean and germ-free as possible during an evacuation.

Don't stop here! There's much more you need to add to your family's emergency kit.,, and the Red Cross all have full lists of the required items along with how you should store the kit in your home.

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