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What Do You Work More, Your Arms or Your Legs?

When I work out on my own, I am all about lunges and squats — anything to work my legs. I might throw in a few biceps curls or some push-ups, too. When working with Hannah, my trainer at Equinox, we do a lot of upper body work — I feel like she has taught me every kind of push-up variation imaginable. My arms and back are becoming a lot stronger using the cable pulley machine and some kettle bells. What about you . . .

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annm16 annm16 7 years
I focus a lot on my upper body since when I use the cardio machines I crank the resistance or incline way up. I do a lot of lunges and squats but I should have a more structured lower body strength workout.
vanillabean vanillabean 7 years
I have heard that in general the legs are the strongest part of the body, and I know that holds true for me. And since my legs are stronger, I tend to favor them more in workouts because they don't protest, ache, and get so sore like my upper body. Sigh, I know . . . no pain, no gain.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
i tend gain a lot of weight on my upper body, so i do more strength training there.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I think my legs get more of a workout because I like to put the resistance up on the elliptical or the stationary bike and crank the incline on the treadmill. When I do my strength training, I tend to focus more on my upper body more. I try to keep balanced that way.
amandaaa amandaaa 7 years
definitely legs. they're easier exercised simply from cardio workouts
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
These days, my lower body has been worked out more. I've been doing some extra jogging. I still do upper body weight training, but I think I've been putting a bigger demand on my lower body.
adelaidekay adelaidekay 7 years
Lower body gets more always has. As biarose said aerobic exercise , Plus I walk alot. I use hand weights though during my aerobic workout. & then I focus on just arms & abs for 15 minutes.
kclulu kclulu 7 years
I used to neglect my upper body because I wanted nice legs and I didn't care if I had a defined upper body. However what I didn't realize is that if you build up your shoulders and upper body (including back and chest) your lower body actually looks smaller, it is called the v taper. Once I figured that out and started hitting my upper body as hard as my lower I look a lot more proportiante and my lower body appears smaller. I also have a very small upper body, my boobs are small and I don't hold much weight anywhere above my waist at all, but when I really worked on developing my chest muscles my boobs look bigger and I look more filled out too! Weight training is a magical thing:)
lydialee_home lydialee_home 7 years
My lower body is stronger - so I guess I work out more on my lower body. :)
bleached bleached 7 years
I try and focus on everything evenly but seeing as I'm training for my first tri, the legs have definitely been feeling the burn...
1apple 1apple 7 years
I strength train my upper body and mainly work my legs through cardio. This seems to balance my proportions out well.
runningesq runningesq 7 years
I'm not lifting right now... but I'd say I work my legs more with running + riding.. I do work my upper body with swimming 3x/ week, though. (and oddly, although maybe not, my upper body is what hurts most after a long ride --- being aero for 5+ hours!)
Kimpossible Kimpossible 7 years
I work all body parts evenly - and I know this, I don't just "think" I do.
arianamarie arianamarie 7 years
i love working on my arms and back, but i HAVE TO work on my legs way more for maintenance...why are legs so damn hard to upkeep? don't forget the damn abs sheesh
ella1978 ella1978 7 years
I have to say legs because I do at least 5 days of cardio a week... and while I try to involve my arms.. my legs take the brunt of all of those workouts!
lovesickblues111 lovesickblues111 7 years
I work my legs more... but just because there are more interesting ways to work your legs :P I mean, spinning and running... but I'm not a very creative sportswoman...
natasha1970 natasha1970 7 years
I do arms and legs every other day after 40-50 minutes of cardio.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Lately it's my arms and shoulders getting the biggest workout.
sourcherry sourcherry 7 years
Since I'm slightly pear shaped, I have a tendency to work my lower body more. But then I remember that I should be working my upper body as well, to balance my body a little more, so in the end I work my whole body evenly.
biarose biarose 7 years
I'd say legs because I use them for my aerobic exercise as well.
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