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What Does 150 Calories Look Like?

If you're trying to lose or maintain your weight, it is best to stay on top of the calories you consume. Since nutritional labels are not always on hand, you're going to need to estimate how many calories are in the food on your plate. Let's see if you can eyeball which serving is closest to 150 calories.

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If you're looking to eat around 150 calories in nuts, how many almonds can you eat?

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Which portion of orange juice is closest to 150 calories?

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How many Kashi Heart to Heart crackers can you eat if you're aiming for around 150 calories?

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How much shredded mozzarella contains close to 150 calories?

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How many cheese tortellinis gets you close to 150 calories?

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Which portion of raisins is closest to 150 calories?

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