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What to Expect From Your First Adult Beginner Ballet Class

Inspired by the incredible young dancers on So You Think You Can Dance, adult dance classes are filling up with people eager to move gracefully. While it's unlikely that adult students will grow to become prima ballerinas, these classes are a fun way to learn something new or refresh the skills you learned as a lil one. Here is what you can expect from a beginner ballet class structured for adults.

    The vibe: There's no need to be intimidated when you go into your first class. Adult beginner classes do not discriminate in terms of age, body type, or ability — they are open to everyone and the instructor will just appreciate your willingness to classify yourself as a beginner when you're way too old to wear a tutu.
  • The other students: Most of the other students will attentively follow instruction, but they'll focus without taking themselves too seriously. When you're taking an hour out of your busy schedule to try something new, it's important to remember that you're there to have fun.

To find out what to wear and what kind of workout to expect,


  • What to wear: Invest in a pair of ballet slippers, but otherwise you probably have something in your workout wardrobe that would work for ballet class. Avoid wearing loose pants — leggings are best — and add a simple camisole on top to make it an outfit.
  • The exercises: New adult beginner classes won't reshape your body and give you those dancer's legs, but they will give you the foundation to move on to more advanced classes that will help you change your body. Form is the focus of these classes, not burning calories, so don't expect to count these classes as your daily workout. Enjoy learning how to move to peaceful piano music, and if you stick with it, you'll improve and move up to the next level.
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