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What Fergie Plans to Eat This Thanksgiving

What Fergie Plans to Eat This Thanksgiving

Fergie recently traded in her shots of apple cider vinegar for anything with high fat content, all in the name of art. The typically health-conscious star briefly sacrificed her impressive abs for her role in the movie Nine and gained precisely 13 pounds. Now she is determined to lose that baker's dozen by reversing her diet — all she has to do is give up the mostly fried food, like fish and chips, that she ate to gain the weight in the first place. Thanksgiving dinner won't set her back on her trek to her old bod; find out what Fergie will be eating this Nov. 27 when you


The singer told US Magazine, "You can do creative things! You know, turkey isn't fattening — you can do that. A little bit of gravy — have a nice big salad!" Fergie's not going to completely deprive herself of traditional Thanksgiving treats and added, "I like a good pumpkin pie — that's my favorite — with homemade whipped cream. Whipped cream from scratch. I'll eat it for breakfast, always."


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