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What Is Fhitting Room?

Meet the Fat-Blasting HIIT Fitness Class You're Bound to Fall in Love With

It may feel like there are too many fitness studios out there to keep up with. From Barry's Bootcamp to SoulCycle, how are we supposed to keep track of them all? There's one group fitness class you simply must know about, though, and that's Fhitting Room. Fhitting Room is a high-intensity interval training studio that offers comprehensive, body-changing workouts in a small class environment. POPSUGAR caught up with head trainers Eric Salvador and Ben Wegman to talk about their approach, and why it's so damn effective.

The classes are usually 50 minutes long, and although the format of each class will vary, there are a few constants. "You're always going to have that bodyweight warmup, you're always going to have the Fhix, which is the signature part of class — the total burnout at the end of the workout where you leave everything on the floor," Ben told us. "But then we might have a strength section, we usually have a circuit, but it usually varies. We can play with the format every single day. It's always going to be total body though."

"We like to say that it's a cross between a personal training and a group fitness class because we want people to actively improve," Ben continued. "You're always going to have two instructors. We always want somebody there checking in, coaching, so you're not lost. In so many group fitness classes you get lost in the mix. We don't ever want you to get lost."

Having two instructors may not sound like a big deal in theory, but when it's put into practice you'll see a huge difference in the way you work out and how much you learn. There will always be someone there to correct your form, encourage you, and make sure you're getting the most out of your class.

As far as what kind of exercises you can expect from a class at Fhitting Room, Eric told POPSUGAR, "From a functional fitness standpoint, we're going to utilize things you do in everyday life — jumping, pulling, pushing — we don't want to isolate body parts. That's how we train. We train the body as full-body. And it burns a lot of calories. You get more bang for your buck in the 50 minutes. We're about performance."

You can expect to do everything from burpees to goblet squats to push-ups. Expect to get both a solid cardio workout and a strength session with Fhitting Room's programming — they don't just focus on one or the other. You'll walk out feeling stronger, fitter, and more confident than before.

But what sets Fhitting Room apart from the other group fitness studios? "It's our total dedication to our clients' improvement and knowledge. We don't want people to just come in and get a workout. We want them to get a smart workout and we want them to get smarter in the process," Ben told POPSUGAR. "Not only are they burning calories and getting stronger, but they're learning about these skills so they have the foundation to be a stronger person if they're walking up stairs, carrying their child, walking with their groceries across the city."

"This workout is for everyone, from the fitness model to my mom, and that's what's great," Eric added. "It doesn't matter your fitness level, we scale everything for everyone every day. That's why we have two instructors [in each class]."

Fhitting Room is currently based in New York, but stay tuned for locations opening up around the country!

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