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What Is the FlexIt App?

No Membership, No Problem: You Can Pay Per Minute at the Gym With This New App

What Is the FlexIt App?
Image Source: FlexIt

Money doesn't grow on trees — though we wish it did — so joining a gym can be too much of a financial commitment for some. Even still, memberships aren't as accessible as they claim to be at times (thank God for home workouts, right?). Apps like Zeamo, which we reviewed earlier this year, let you pay for daily, weekly, or monthly passes to gyms without the long-term obligation of becoming a member. But here lies a problem: what if you only wanted to spend 30 minutes at a gym? You'd have to buy a day pass just for the quick half-hour. Enter FlexIt, an app that offers something different: a pay-per-minute workout plan where you have even more control over how much money you spend on fitness.

FlexIt launched in January and is partnered with 500 gyms across the country as of now, founder and CEO Austin Cohen told POPSUGAR. The idea stemmed from his need for flexibility in a gym setting. "Personally, I did not see a solution for adding variety to my fitness routine at home and when on the road for work," he said. "I wanted a way to access my fitness the way that Uber enables me to move from point A to point B and be able to pay for what I used in the process of trying out new gyms." And flexibility is, well, in the name.

Austin continued, "With FlexIt, you can meet new trainers, bring friends along to train, finish a run or bike ride at a gym in a new neighborhood, and gain access to specific equipment necessary to recovery." FlexIt and the clubs it partners with, including Retro Fitness, Pulse, and others, decide on the price they charge per minute, he said. So rates will vary, and they're affordable, too. Plus, even people with memberships to one gym can test out other facilities while traveling or simply at their own leisure, which sounds really cool. Ahead, check out how FlexIt works and my review on using the app in New York City.

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