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What Is a "Food Desert"?

Can You Walk to Your Local Grocery Store?

The first lady recently launched the Let's Move campaign to put an end to childhood obesity, and among other things, she's moving in on food deserts. The term "food deserts" describes areas, both urban and rural, where there is no access to a supermarket, which means no fresh produce. These areas are "nutritional wastelands" where processed and packaged foods rule. The White House estimates that about 23.5 million Americans live in food deserts.

A well-balanced diet requires at least five servings of fruit and veggies daily, and with no grocery store produce aisle nearby, meeting that healthy mark can be a serious challenge. I live in an area full of wonderful markets and must say I take it for granted that I can walk to the grocery store to pick up lettuce, apples, broccoli, or green beans whenever I need to. What about you?

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