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What I Miss About CrossFit

I Quit CrossFit Last Year, but Here's the 1 Thing I Miss About It

When I went to my first CrossFit class, I expected to hate every second of it. At the time, I was a dedicated yogi who had never really lifted weights before and absolutely hated running, so I thought it wouldn't be right for me. But it didn't take me long to fall in love. The very next day, I was back for more, even though I was deathly sore in my thighs and abs — and for the next year and a half of my life, I was a dedicated CrossFitter.

Several months ago, however, I decided to end my long, monogamous relationship with CrossFit. After being diagnosed with scoliosis and suffering a few injuries, I reluctantly decided that this workout simply wasn't for me. It was a tough breakup, but I was grateful to take away so much from the experience. I learned more about fitness and healthy eating from CrossFit than I ever had before.

I also gained a sense of inner strength that I never thought was possible. Nothing can beat that feeling of nailing my first rope climb or achieving 100 unbroken double unders. It made me believe that anything can be done in this lifetime if you work hard enough and have a positive attitude.


My fitness regimen these day consists of basic weightlifting six times a week, along with HIIT cardio sessions five times a week. I also still do yoga and work on my mobility with a personal trainer. Although I'm feeling much better physically and I have a lot less chronic pain, there are moments when I miss CrossFit — especially the community.

Workouts are taken to the next level when you're doing them with a group of equally motivated people. You push each other, encourage one another, and you make each other feel invincible. Although I go to various different workout classes now, it's just not the same. Being a part of the CrossFit community kept me accountable and gave me a network of people to talk to when I had questions about the movements or I needed some support.

Now, when people ask me if they should try CrossFit and why, I tell them it's definitely worth trying, if only for the community aspect. Having a team of workout friends around you makes a big difference when you're trying to achieve fitness or weight-loss goals.

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