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What Is an Inversion Table?

3 Reasons to Try an Inversion Table

Yoga has long revered the process of going upside down for your body's health, and inversion therapy can do wonders for a tense and tight back. Once you strap yourself into this crazy-looking contraption and flip over, your body is able to reap the benefits of inversions — without having to stand on your head!

Take away tension: Flipping upside down in an inversion table takes pressure off the nerve roots in your back and increases the space between your vertebrae. Anyone who is constantly on their feet at work or loves to run can benefit from alleviating compression in their spine. As you flip more often, tension will dissipate and sore backs will strengthen.

Pump it up: Your body works against gravity to disperse blood everywhere it needs to go, especially when you're sitting at a desk most of the day. Hanging out in an inversion table helps your body out with this process. And if you're trying to detox, inverting is a big help. Just like doing a headstand or handstand in yoga, going upside down stimulates your lymphatic system, which helps flush out waste and toxins.

Stand tall: As we grow older, the vertebrae and spinal discs in our backs compress with age. This is one of the reasons people "shrink" with time. But by using an inversion table regularly, you're giving your spine the chance to lengthen and elongate. Not only does this help with tension pain, but it also helps you keep your height!

Have you ever tried out an inversion table?

Like any brand-new fitness plan, consult your physician before investing in a table. Also consider having a friend nearby for supervision the first time you try one out for yourself!

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