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Check out FitSugar reader bjeanne18's description of her daily Texas run! She posted this pic in the Get Fit For Summer community group as part of the sixth challenge in the Get Fit For Summer giveaway. By doing so, she's eligible to win a $100 New Balance gift card!

So the challenge this week was to try a running workout and to snap a picture of any "spectacular" views. Unfortunately, I don't have that many awesome views near my apartment, so instead, I snapped a pic of my completely '80s-reminiscent running gear I took for a spin. Go ahead and laugh, it's a Monday, and it's freakin' hot here in Texas — so the tacky looking sweatband is a must in my books!

I was super pumped with my run — I went three miles in less than 27 minutes, stopped and walked five minutes to let my heart rate calm down, and finished out the four miles strong; all completed in under 40 minutes! No, that is not an incredibly amazing time for most runners, but for me it's pretty huge.


Hear about the health obstacles bjeanne18 overcame after the break!

A couple years ago I had a severe case of bronchitis and pushed through it, continuing my dance practices and routines and really hurt my lungs — then came to find out I also have a slightly leaky heart valve. This caused my heart rate to spike to 180+ bpm when on the elliptical at what I would consider a 'moderate' speed at first, so working my way up the cardio ladder has been trying but I've really come to enjoy it. When I go out for a run I don't do it for anyone but myself. My only goal is that I get out there, and I give it everything I had that day.

In other news, in eight days I'm off for my first international trip to Spain and France and will hopefully have pictures of "spectacular" views! My boyfriend and I plan on squeezing in a mini-hike in the Pyrenees and maybe a run on the Mediterranean beaches — until then, it's just sunny, sunny Texas y'all.

We know that bikini season is right around the corner, and to help you get fit for Summer we've created a series of weekly fitness and health challenges. To add a little incentive, throughout the rest of Spring we'll be awarding a weekly prize of a $100 New Balance gift card to participating readers. To be eligible to win, create a post in the Get Fit For Summer community group as each challenge comes up.

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bjeanne18 bjeanne18 6 years
Thank you both!! It was a little embarrasing to post.. but I thought maybe others could relate :)
lauren lauren 6 years
WOW, what a great story and that is impressive! Also, have lots of fun on your trip, hope you will share your stunning views from your hike!
Susi-May Susi-May 6 years
Great work and I love the 80's outfit with the hot pink accents. Don't mess with Texas!
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