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Now that we're three months into the year, those January resolutions are either a distant memory or a nary-a-second-thought habit. If it's more of the former, not to worry — there are many more ways to motivate yourself if you need a little kick in the pants.

It seems like there's always a good reason to decide that now's the time to be healthy. Whether it's a Summer vacation that's on the horizon or loving how you feel when you're at your best, tell us: what's your reason for being fit?

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nikkisoda nikkisoda 4 years
My Dad is a four time cancer survivor. Four different kinds of cancer, the first being a stage 4.....another needing a colon removal, another a liver transplant. All in the past 10 years. My Dad has always been an athlete, taking good care of his body and mind. If it wasn't for his body being in such wonderful shape who knows what his outcomes would have been. I stay in shape because this is the only body I have. If something were to ever happen to me I know that I've done all I could. And that my body is the perfect army to fight. :)
pvhike pvhike 4 years
I have chronic back pain; getting and staying in shape has been the only way I can control it. Eating as cleanly as possible, and the fitness (read: weight loss) that accompanied it all is a nice side benefit!
TheLittleMonster TheLittleMonster 4 years
I used to be heavy as a child. The memories of being teased and bullied motivate me and fuel my workouts. I love when I run into an old classmate, and see their jaw drop. But just to be clear- I stay fit for me and only me.
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