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Comments That Make Going Gluten-Free Even Harder

Aug 7 2014 - 1:10pm

My college days of eating crap 24/7 resulted in major tummy issues. After talking to a friend about it, she suggested, "why not try going gluten-free?" The idea seemed insane. No bread? No bagels? No cookies?! But after just one day, I felt a million times better. I stayed gluten-free for six years and, as if it wasn't hard enough missing out on some my favorite foods, it was the rude and insensitive comments from gluten lovers that really bit my biscuit. No matter what their reason for ditching wheat, barley, and rye, here's what you should never say to someone giving up gluten.

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"This bread is SO good, too bad you can't have any."

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"I thought going gluten-free made you superskinny."

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"Don't you miss pizza?"

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"Oh just have one bite, it won't kill you."

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"So you can never have a real beer?!"

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"It's all in your head."

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"So you can't eat anything good. That sucks! How depressing!"

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"When you get married, you can't eat the wedding cake!"

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"So what do you eat? How do you survive?"

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