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What Shoes Do You Wear When You Strength Train?

While attending their Women's Media Summit, I learned that Nike wants you to think about your workout shoes. This may not surprise you since they are, after all, in the business of selling shoes.

When working out, most of us lift weights and strength train in our running shoes; I know I do. But running shoes are technically made for running — just front to back motion. Strength training happens in all three planes of motion: front to back, side to side, and rotation. And our running shoes just don't support that variety of motion. While shoes specific for "training" seem a little excessive, like a marketing ploy, I see Nike's point.

What I want to know is . . .


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angelfromlsu angelfromlsu 8 years
I usually do strength training barefoot.
cahill cahill 8 years
when i'm strength training at home, I sometimes do it barefoot! If I stand on a folded towel, it works my abs too as I try to balance.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i don't strength train, so i'm not sure what kind of shoes i should be wearing to be more supportive.
georgie2 georgie2 8 years
I wear my cross trainers for everything though, including running...!
insanitypepper insanitypepper 8 years
I also do it barefoot.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
I wear cross trainers when I lift weights and my running shoes for my running...I usually do my strength stuff at a different time than my cardio, so I don't have to switch shoes during my workout.
digibron digibron 8 years
Barefoot for me too! I do my strength training on a yoga mat at home in my PJs. :D
Carrie14884290 Carrie14884290 8 years
Flat flat flat shoes - Chuck Taylors or Doc Martens. I can't imagine trying to squat in running shoes, I think I'd fall on my face!
glam-sugar glam-sugar 8 years
Running shoes
Hoaxerz Hoaxerz 8 years
I wear my old running shoes when I'm walking around and during upper-body lifts, but for complex lifts (squats, deadlifts, etc.) I take my shoes off for stability.
MarinerMandy MarinerMandy 8 years
I used to be a gymnast, so I've always done it bear foot! We only wore shoes for running and endurance work.
cravinsugar cravinsugar 8 years
I go naked (no shoes) when doing strength training as i do it at home right after i wake up.
joy76 joy76 8 years
Ha! this is just a marketing ploy by Nike :-) it really does not matter unless off course they want to add extrs grips for the lunges however that depends on where you do your lunges if it's on a carpeted floor then you will not need the grips.
urban-chic-101 urban-chic-101 8 years
I'm not about to change my shoes three times in a workout. I mean first spin shoes, then cross trainers for strength training and then running shoes for running.... um no. Although, I must agree cross trainer are much easier when doing lunges. But then again running shoes are easier on the Bosa Ball.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I'm with Renee - I start with running, and I've done fine with my strength training without new shoes, so I'll stick with 'em.
gabiushka gabiushka 8 years
Hey Fit, so wouldn't it be more effective to have crosstrainers to strength train AND run?
sundaygreen sundaygreen 8 years
The same shoes I use when I do cardio.
nslods nslods 8 years
I strength train at home, so I normally don't wear shoes. And if I run before I strength train, I always kick off my shoes before I start with the weights.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
I wear crosstrainers for both cardio and strength training.
alethia037 alethia037 8 years
I'm with alba - I strength train barefooted at home!
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 8 years
When I'm at the gym, I usually warm up by walking or running on the treadmill so I wear my running shoes. If I'm doing a video at home, I wear a pair of aerobic shoes from Ryka.
alba1 alba1 8 years
i usually strength train at home...n don't wear shoes...haha; doesn't make a difference to me!
Renee3327 Renee3327 8 years
I usually warm up with cardio (usually running) and then do 45 minutes of strength training so I'm not about to change out of my running shoes. I don't think there is much of a difference in the shoes you wear. The most important part is your form and the fact that you are working hard to make your body a lean, mean, fat-burning machine!
millarci millarci 8 years
Eventually I'll get cross trainers for strength training, but for now I'm using my running shoes.
psychobabble psychobabble 8 years
I wear cross trainers, I need stability when I do lunges! Sometimes though I will use my running shoes if I'm in a hurry and I do feel a difference in lateral stability.
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