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What Spooks You?

Happy Halloween! At my house we have been talking about this holiday for months! I sent a "princess" to preschool and the Olympic gymnast "Shawn Johnson" to kindergarten. My girls are not only stoked that they get to wear their costumes all day long, but they get to celebrate all things spooky: cobwebs, spiders, and monsters. In a recent survey of what Americans fear the most, things that creep, crawl, and slither almost topped the list, so my girls are not far off for measuring what spooks the nation.

The greatest fear of the folks surveyed was getting in an accident like a plane crash, car accident, or being struck by lightning. The second greatest fear was having an encounter with a dangerous animal like a snake, spider, or shark. Quite low on the list were fears about developing health problems; only five percent of surveyed Americans feared diseases, compared to the 29 percent fearing accidents and 27 percent fearing scary animals. Ironically, this survey was conducted by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), and of the small percentage of folks who fear developing a disease, only two percent worry about diabetes. In stark contrast, the ADA believes that 57 million people in the US are at risk for developing type-2 diabetes, and according to the National Lightning Safety Institute about 1,000 Americans are struck by lightning annually.

Since it is Halloween and all, I was wondering . . .


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