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What Time of Day Do You Usually Snack?

When Do You Usually Snack?

I am a snacker and proud of it. Both celeb trainers Harley Pasternak and Valerie Waters and nutritionist Alexa Fishback think healthy snacks are an important part of a healthy diet. A well-balanced snack helps keep your blood sugars level throughout the day.

I find that I tend to have a morning snack around 10:30 a.m., about three hours after breakfast, and then again an afternoon snack between 3:30 and 4:00 p.m. What about you?

If you haven't yet written a blog post detailing your favorite healthy snack in the Get Fit Group you should do so today. This week is your chance to catch up with all the contest challenges. Writing a blog post enters you to win our weekly prize, $100 Nike gift card, as well as our fabulous grand prize.

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Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 7 years
I typically eat a snack between lunch & dinner around 4:30/5pm!
mtiger mtiger 7 years
I eat breakfast at 7, snack at 9:45, lunch at 12, snack at 3, and dinner at 6.
danakscully64 danakscully64 7 years
I eat 24/7. Last night I stopped eating at 10:30, by 11:30, I was STARVING. I'm a grazer.
AlexisSF AlexisSF 7 years
i usually snack at 2 and at 5
MsChoo MsChoo 7 years
I dont know when im not snacking.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I usually eat 3 regular meals and then I have a healthy snack after dinner to make sure I have enough energy to work out in the morning.
Chelsea25 Chelsea25 7 years
I eat breakfast at 8 and lunch between 12:30 - 1:30pm. Most days I dont snack mid morning but I was really peckish today so I had 1/2 a cup of porridge at about 11. Normally I just have a snack of mashed banana and cinnamon in a ryvita cracker sandwich (and about 200 calories) at 4pm, dinner at 7:30 and a few carrots when i get peckish before bed.
ella1978 ella1978 7 years
It's lunch and dinner for me. I have breakfast around 8, lunch at 12, but we don't usually have dinner til 6.. that's a long wait, so I will have a snack around 4ish.
wmoonw wmoonw 7 years
Now that I started working out again, I'm getting hungry really early, so I usually have lunch around 11 and then a snack around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. My afternoon snack is usually the same size as my (small) lunch, though, so I'm not sure it's a snack as much as it is lunch, part 2. Gets me through the day, though!
ticamorena ticamorena 7 years
I'm a grazer and often don't have the patience or attention span to spend longer than 15 mins eating, so even though not really snacking, I will split my meals into 2 or 3 parts and eat each one or two hours apart. The only time I eat something that's categorically a snack eg nuts or popcorn is just before or after dinner.
laellavita laellavita 7 years
my meals are all mini-meals, so to some people they might look like snacks, but i graze throughout the day while still keeping things in check
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
I usually snack right around 10 and 3.
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