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What Unhealthy Habits Are You Trying to Break?

Speak Up: What Unhealthy Habits Are You Trying to Break?

It's Summer, and lately it's been so unbearably hot and humid that all I can think about is how to stay cool. I could be healthy and go swimming, but no — I choose ice cream. My little habit started as a weekly trip to the local ice cream shop, but lately, I've been keeping pints in my freezer and enjoying spoonfuls after dinner every night. It's so hard to resist that cold, creamy sweetness, but I need to curb this habit ASAP before my pants begin to rebel.

Staying on the healthy path all the time is hard work, so tell me, what unhealthy habit are you trying to put an end to? You never know, another reader might have some good advice to help you kick your habit.

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