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What to Wear to Yoga in the Summer

Wear Pants to Yoga, Even When It's Hot

If you're continuing your yoga practice into the warm Summer days, you may be thinking you need to purchase some shorts since the temperature has risen. Before you make the splurge, I'm here to tell you to save your money. I know it's tempting to ditch your pants since yoga can make you so hot and sweaty, but you actually want to wear pants instead of shorts.

Why? The extra material won't make you feel much hotter, but what it will do is absorb all your sweat, so your mat doesn't get dangerously slick. Plus, the material on your legs will allow you to do poses like Hummingbird and Crow more easily, since skin-on-skin contact is so slippery. You can also wipe your sweaty forehead on your pants every time you come into a forward bend. For all these reasons, opt for pants. You'll be thankful that you did.

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